Miracle of the Christmas Star

The night Sariah’s baby of miracles, baby of sorrows is born blue and lifeless, a brilliant star shines through the window of her tiny home in a village close to Bethlehem. The star bathes the baby with light, and she begins to breathe. Sariah rejoices in the miracle, but soon realizes her daughter, whom she names “Hannah,” is not like the other babies in the village. She is crippled and will never be able to walk or talk. Although haunted by the spectre of her daughter’s future, Sariah believes the shepherds who say that the star heralded the birth of the long-awaited savior, and she begins years of searching and praying for him.

Lovingly caring for her daughter, Sariah’s life courageously endures a hard life, and although her faith wavers, it never burns out. Finally, as word of the Savior’s healing miracles reach her small village, Sariah determines that whatever the effort required, she will put Hannah in a wagon and take her to him to be healed. There follows a harrowing journey through the desert wilderness and a meeting with evil where Sariah is stripped of all in her life that gives her strength and hope. Only her faith remains, and during one fateful encounter in the terror of the wilderness, her abiding faith proves to be all that she and her daughter need.

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